Friday’s WOD and update

We will be open Friday for 6,7,9am and 4&5pm classes

No Saturday class

Open Monday from 7-9am

Friday’s WOD

Run 800m
50 slam balls
50 T-2-B
50 air squats
50 push ups
25 push press (95/65)
25 KB swing (70/53)
25 cal row
25 burpees
Run 800m



We will be closed this evening. I am sorry for the inconvenience, taking care of family and homes. We will reopen tomorrow morning. Stay safe.

Thursday’s WOD

Rounds to be determined.( depends on how well Robby Miller does )

100 Feet of burpee ball throws – Using a slam ball, throw ball as far as possible then sprint to it and perform 1 burpee. Continue this throw/sprint/burpee until 100 feet has been covered