Frank Abene

Frank Abene How did I get here?

Well, when I retired nearly 12 years ago, I decided to take up a hobby that would be fun and healthy: Running.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the daily running as well as weekend races.  I also started bike riding and participated in numerous running and biking races; also great fun.  Then I branched out farther and did some obstacle course races; more fun.

So, in 2011, after meeting Brad McKee, I heard of his challenge… The Crucible.  I felt I was reasonably fit and could handle whatever came up.  Do you think I was surprised?  By the end of the Crucible I had to feel better before I could die!

Needless to say, I had to learn more about this CrossFit stuff.  I visited the gym and watched what all these youngsters were doing and decided that I had to do this.  I started telling Jean about what I saw, and how challenging it looked.  I can’t pass up a challenge.

Reluctantly, Jean agreed to try this newfangled exercise program for a short period.  After the initial 3 month trial, we were both hooked.  My problem now is that Brad sees us as a challenge; keeping us fit and from hurting ourselves.

My other problem is that I made a commitment to Brad to still be at CrossFit when I hit 100 years old;  after all that is only another 24 years.

So far, so good.  Strange as it may seem, I have gone from 144 pounds to 154 pounds in the 14 months at Crossfit, but I also wear a smaller size pants.  Go figure.

Frank Abene


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