Georgia Roppolo

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Seven months ago I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I was literally hated looking at myself in the mirror. I was on the verge of high blood pressure and diabetes (it was bound to happen beings it run in my family). I dreaded going shopping because I could never find “cute” clothes to fit me, I really just hated everything to do about myself. I knew that I had to do something. Losing weight and getting healthy was not a “want” anymore, it was a need!

I had been talking to a friend about joining a gym together but we were not quite sure where to go. Then I remembered that my friend Kim Walker was always telling me about this program called CrossFit. She would literally send me message after message about joining with more and more information. I did research to see what it was all about. At first, I thought she was completely insane so time after time I would just make up excuses about why I couldn’t do it. The only thing holding me back was fear. I hate gyms. I hate the fact of even thinking that big buff guys would be lifting weights in the mirror and little bitty tiny girls would be running on the treadmill with their perfect hair and makeup (that would look completely perfect after working out) thinking they were completely better than everyone else in there. That’s the picture I would get when someone would talk about the gym. Kim would tell me time after time about how great the people at CrossFit are and how encouraging they are. She made it sound better and better. So My friend and I decided to go to the free class to see how we liked it. We signed up that night! The next day came and it was time to do the real thing, not the little free class. THE REAL THING. Kim was completely right! The high intensity and short duration method has given me the best results! Workouts are different every day which keeps you from getting bored (which i get easily) and over or under using the same muscle groups. The other major bonus about CrossFit how encouraging all of the people around you are. Normally I would only push myself as hard as I felt like working out that day, but at CrossFit you have a huge team of people pushing you as hard as you can physically endure every time.

Since starting Crossfit seven months ago I have lost 55 pounds leaving me only 55 more to lose. Lets not even mention how confident I have been! I can run without thinking I am going to die after two seconds and I could probably out lift any guy. Just kidding, but that’s how confident I am.So incredibly thankful for Brad and his trainers for going above and beyond in every way to help me reach my goal!


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