Jean Abene

Jean AbeneFirst of all I am a 71 year old woman, in reasonably good health.  About one year ago I was going to a gym (which shall be called Gym A).  As I hadn’t exercised, really exercised for at least 30 years before,  I began to enjoy this gym.  Nothing hard, nothing dangerous, nothing tiring, just a gym.  I wasn’t working out with a trainer, just pretty much on my own.  My husband Frank, on the other hand, had been a runner and ran quite regularly.  He too had been going to Gym A once and awhile.

One day Frank says to me, “Honey, I think I want to try CrossFit”, and I say to him, “well, I am not leaving Gym A to go to a boot camp”.  Needless to say he encouraged me to go with him to meet Brad McKee of  CrossFit Hammond.  I went with no intention whatsoever of my joining.  We sat and talked with Brad and then signed up for three months.  I told Frank that I just joined to pacify him and that I would go to CrossFit one day and the next to Gym A until the three months were done.

Well, when I went I was very surprised.  I thought maybe that I might like this new gym, CrossFit.  Since then I have continued going without ever going back to Gym A.  I thoroughly enjoy CrossFit.  I like the fact that there is a trainer on hand who not only tells you what exercises to do, but makes sure you are using correct procedures to do the exercise.  I don’t miss Gym A at all.

Brad is so special to me.  He knows that I am older (actually my husband and I are the two oldest at the box), and realizes that there are a few things that I cannot or sometimes will not do and he guides me accordingly.  (I think I am his pet, but don’t tell him I said that).  He sometimes uses me as an example to some of the younger ones by telling them, “If a 71 year old woman can do this, don’t tell me you  20+ to 40+ ones can’t”.

The atmosphere is great at CrossFit.  Everyone is encouraging each other.  I feel so good when I get home and sometimes I even feel a little younger.  Brad and the other trainers are great.  They never make you feel weak or stupid.  It is always upbeat.


Jean Abene


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