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I’ve had many opportunities to share my ‘story’ with people who needed some help/motivation/inspiration. I find it incredibly odd that people come to ME for this when I clearly still have a long way to go but if this helps someone well then that’s simply amazing and fantastic! I believe God uses all of us in many different ways and I’m happy to share. So I’m writing this here in case I need to share more often – I can just share this note!

I tend to be a bit long-winded and my husband complains all the time so I’m going to really try (I failed) to keep this brief, yet motivating! :o) About 7 years ago while living in NC my husband read about CF and said he wanted to do it. I immediately told him he was NUTS and that only seriously mental people do that crazy crap. He couldn’t do it b/c of the inconvenient location of the local CF box. So that issue was dead for years. When we moved back home to La it wasn’t long before we found out that CF was opening in Hammond. He joined before it opened. Every night he would suffer in fear of what the next day’s WOD would be. I told him he was stupid for putting himself through this daily misery. LOL But he LOVED it – everything about it and he pressed on and went every morning (where he met Dwayne!). Months passed and on a holiday he begged me to go workout with him so I did. It was July 4, 2010 – MY INDEPENDENCE DAY. On that day I didn’t realize that I would fall in love with something that would impact my life in such a huge way and change me forever. I have ALWAYS struggled with weight and food issues as long as I can remember. I still do. I think it’s an addiction similar to drugs where I have to stay focused on staying ‘clean’ and making good healthy decisions at every meal and every day. Do I fail? Yes,, all the time but I never quit. I constantly keep my eye on the longterm goal – which, by the way has NOTHING to do with the # on the scale but how I feel. I remind myself how much better I feel, how much more active I am, how much happier I am, my thoughts are clearer (that’s the fish oil, by the way), how STRONG I am and the list goes on. I have areas where I feel like a rock-star and areas where I feel like the biggest loser on the planet (and not in the ‘biggest loser’ tv show kind of loser). It’s the strengths and the accomplishments that keep me going. It’s talking to people like you guys that fuel my flame for continuing. This is getting long, isn’t it? Sorry – but you’ve got me on a roll! You see, 10 years ago I had an amazing beautiful baby boy named Payton that God gifted me and my husband with. It took me 3 years to get pregnant and though no one ever told me this I feel deep in my heart that my weight kept us from conceiving. I didn’t lose weight before getting pregnant but the moment I held him in my arms and he cried I knew that I had to do something to make sure that I was around to parent and guide him as long as possible. Its our directive as parents – I couldn’t give up on him. My dad died at the young age of 52 from a heart attack – he died in my arms as I tried to resuscitate him. He was young. I was only 23 and on my path to the same abrupt ending to my life. Even though this “after” picture was in March and today I write to you in October – I have no idea if I look any different – people tell me I look like I’ve still lost weight b ut I’m not so sure. And, honestly, I’m ok with either b/c my final destination is not a # on the scale but yet a feeling. I have goals… I want to run more 5K’s (when I started CF I could only run 100M – I’ve run two 5K’s this year)….I want to increase my squat PR, my deadlift PR…I want to do a strict pull up (when I started I could only do a body row and have gone from that to jumping pull ups, to two black bands, and am now down to one green band)…I want to climb the rope (I’m working on it and have gotten the first few ‘steps’ but still have to practice)….I want to do a strict handstand push up (I could only do overhead presses w/dumbell when I started and now do hspu w/bands). So you see I started off having to scale EVERYTHING and today I still scale a good bit but I’m much farther than when I started. Before I lose you and bore you (too late?)… here are my “tips”…

  1. Educate yourself: read blogs, follow other motivational people & pages on Facebook (if you’re on there)
  2. Pick & stick: quit listening to all the “trends” and “plans”….I nearly had a panic attack trying to decide…am I following weight watchers, atkins, the zone diet, the cabbage soup diet (no, just joking but you see where I’m going)…. just pick one and stick with it. I am an avid follower and believer of the paleo LIFESTYLE… (I fail often but get right back on – never lose focus… just keep getting back on track). It’s HARD HARD HARD but every positive step …. well it’s a positive step. Be proud.
  3. Plan it! put your workout ON YOUR CALENDAR. it’s an appointment. no excuses. get up and go. NO excuses. not “that wod looks too tough”, not “my friends want me to do something with them”, “NOT soreness”…nothing. put it on your calendar and do it. I go at 6am everyday. When I started it was only 3X a week then 4, then 5 and now most of the time 6. For food – I try to make our menu on Saturday and shop on Sunday. I love the Crock Pot by the way.
  4. Foam, Ice & Knowing the difference: buy a foam roller and fall in love with it. buy an ice pack for the freezer and use it. They help. Really. I am now addicted to the sore muscles and if they’re not sore I think something’s wrong 🙂 But I’m a nut so maybe that’s not real healthy? There is a difference between sore and pain.
  5. Injuries… ok – pay attention to your body. It speaks loudly. Pain is different than sore muscles. Overtraining became a problem for me at one point and I had to learn the hard way. Dwayne can talk to you about that more.
  6. Pray. I’m not sure if you are a Christian or what your belief system is but this the BIGGEST part of my success story. I am a big believer and Christ follower. I have even led a “faith-n-fitness” small group at my church. If you’re on Pinterest find my ‘faith-n-fitness’ board and follow it. Good stuff in there.

Don’t be in a rush. Last thing then I’m done (for now, for real). I am NOT into losing weight fast. It doesn’t last. I am a believer in this becoming a lifestyle and what I’ve been doing for years can’t be changed overnight so again I am focused on one step at a time. It’s a choice every time. Make it and move on. You have to change your thought processes and that’s hard to do. You have to change the evil, self-hate thoughts that come into our minds and that takes time. I expect this to take me a while so that it will stick.


One thought on “Kim Walker

  1. Kim, I think you are great. I read your testimonial and found it amazing. You are long winded (as am I at times), but are so interesting. Keep up the good work, you are doing just great at CF. You are also a Sweetheart. Jean Abene

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